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Serving Colorado and southern Wyoming, Dimensional Paranormal performs research, investigations, analysis, and exploration to better understand and document paranormal occurrences including cryptid sightings, UFO and alien experiences, hauntings, and anything else that is unexplained.

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Located in northern Colorado, Dimensional Paranormal provides a non-biased, scientific approach to investigating the things that most researchers dismiss. We are professional, understanding, respectful, and serious about capturing evidence to confirm your experiences or provide logical explanations. Do not be fooled by other organizations who claim every strange occurrence to be ghosts or aliens.

Our working theory, and the inspiration for our name, is that there may be a dimensional component that needs to be considered. In some cases, a “ghost” might be a crossing of a parallel reality or world. On the other hand, it could very well be the soul or environmental recording of a deceased person. The truth is, we simply do not know exactly what it is at this point. We need more research and more documentation to even begin to understand and explain the paranormal. Dimensional Paranormal is determined to be an industry leader in the research of the unknown.

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Dimensional Paranormal seeks to understand and provide logical answers to the unexplained. We do not go into new cases with preconceived notions or expectations, nor do we exit an investigation making wild claims or huge assumptions. When evidence defies all rational explanations, only then can we say there is truly something strange occurring. Through research, investigations, and exploration followed by thorough analysis, Dimensional Paranormal will provide you with intellectually honest conclusions based on the evidence gathered.

We do not perform rituals, cleansings, or exorcisms. 

Residential investigations are welcome. All investigations are FREE. We do this for the knowledge, not the money.


Understanding the geography and the history of a location is the foundation of paranormal investigations. Some things that we consider are natural and man-made environments, flora and fauna, geology and hydrology, weather patterns, power lines, building locations, and so much more. There may be a relevant history in a location or documented stories and experiences related to occurrences.

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We are on location with state of the art investigation equipment ranging from metal detectors to spirit boxes. We take the time to find as much evidence as we can and perform experiments to filter findings with logical explanations and those that defy any explanation. We document everything for analysis later.


We painstakingly review and analyze all documentation, recordings, photos,  video and any other collected evidence. Further attempts to find logical answers are made in order to provide only the purest of evidence.

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We are not afraid to trek through remote areas in search of evidence. With mountaineering and wilderness skills, we are able to

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The cryptid list can range from undiscovered species or presumed to be extinct species to mythological creatures. Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, is likely the most famous cryptid in the United States. Have you seen one? Or perhaps any other creature that is unknown to science yet?



Did you see something strange in the sky? Perhaps a strange light darting quickly on the horizon, a pattern of lights above, or strange dark shapes hovering low to the ground? Do you feel you have seen or been contacted by creatures from another planet or demension?


Perhaps the most common paranormal events are ghost sightings or hauntings. Do you hear unexplained noises or voices? Do things move unexpectedly? Do you hear footsteps? Do you see things out of the corner of your eye? Perhaps shadow figures?



The catch all category for any mystery that defies logic. Maybe you saw an orb in the woods. Did you find an object that can't be explained? Some bazaar technology or artifact? Or maybe you stumbled on a location that does not make sense?

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